Section 1.0 - The Band
1.1 Who are Delirious?
1.2 How and when did the band start?
1.3 What is 'Cutting Edge'?
1.4 What were the band members doing before Delirious?
1.5 Where did the band's name come from?
1.6 What record labels are Delirious? signed to?
1.7 Who is Delirious? manager?
1.8 Do they have families?
1.9 Are any members related?
1.10What's their relationship with Neil Morrissey?
1.11What equipment do they use?
1.12Why is there a question mark at the end of Delirious?
1.13What's the deal with the '5' in the name?
1.14Have Delirious? "sold out"?
Section 2.0 - The Music
2.1What records have Delirious? released and where have they charted?
2.2What videos have Delirious? released?
2.3Why don't I hear Delirious? on the radio very much?
2.4What are the songs about?
2.5Which tracks are UK/US exclusive and why?
2.6Who are the band's influences?
2.7What does Mezzamorphis mean?
2.8Why is there a picture of Elvis Presley being walked on at the end of the See the Star video?
2.9When will there be a new album/single?
2.10When will Delirious? be touring?
2.11Why are there two versions of the singles?
Section 3.0 - The Newsgroup
3.1 Why was this newsgroup formed?
3.2 What are all these strange acronyms?
3.3 Why are there so many Christians in this newsgroup?
3.4 Can I post prayer requests into the newsgroup?
Section 4.0 - Christianity
4.1Christianity? What's that all about then?
4.2Does my university have a Christian Union?
Section 5.0 - Correspondence and Further Information
5.1Is there a snail mail fan club?
5.2Is there an Internet Delirious? mailing list?
5.3Is there a Usenet newsgroup?
5.4Are there any books about Delirious?
5.5What web sites are there about Delirious?
5.6Where can I get Delirious? merchandise/records/videos?
5.7How can I contact Delirious?
Section 6.0 - This FAQ
6.1Version history
6.2What if I spot an error in the FAQ?